Making Your Home Environmentally Friendly Summed Up in 3 Steps

Recycle, reduce, reuse is a lasting motto that has withstood the test of time as a familiar phrase that a majority of us have heard all through our childhood. Schools make it common practice to educate the youth on why limiting the carbon footprint we leave behind is important. Unfortunately, they barely scratch the surface of this huge dilemma and leave it up to them to search further information if it interests them.

Stop living in the past! Time has brought us a tremendous amount of scientific breakthroughs that evaluate the damage we do to our planet. We only have one planet and there is no time like the present to get your home into shape to becoming a harmonious environmentally friendly house. Without all of the commercialized waste that advertisers through at us, we would be more in tuned with nature and in most cases have a healthier presentation.

It’s time to turn our homes into something Mother Nature can be proud of. Before we make the change, what are some of the top reasons to go eco with your home? Here are the three top reasons to modify your home and make it more environmentally friendly:

  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Save money
  • Benefits of a healthier lifestyle


  1. Out with the Old Tech and in with the Cool stuff

We all use items, perform tasks, and eat within a certain limitation. This is because these are staples to life and have been practiced the same way generations. When electricity was first brought to light, contraptions were rudimentary and still evolving. Nowadays we have lights everywhere and in all shapes, colors, and materials. It is important to upgrade lighting systems when breakthroughs occur. Changing your old light bulbs out for the new LED or CFL style bulbs will save you money, reduce your footprint, and in many cases produce a more natural lighting environment to effectively reduce headaches. With all these positives, it makes no sense to no do something so simple as switching a few light bulbs.


  1. Becoming Environmentally Friendly Means Checking the Basics

If you’re old enough to own or rent your home, then chances are you felt those drafts and heard those pesky drips coming from your faucets at some point. Yet again, these things cost you money. That some cold draft you feel in the winter is also the same heat wave you feel in the summer. This makes out heating/cooling systems work harder than needed, thus extending our footprint and raising our monthly energy bill.

Just by making sure the windows doors are properly weatherized to keep those drafts down. Additionally, by replacing those leaky faucets alone will save you some bucks to put up for a rainy day. That drip isn’t just annoying; it’s also wasting water. Water that you pay for! Makes sense to save by being responsible.


  1. Making Your House Feel Natural

This final steps leads us to the home as a whole. This broad overview of your home is to help get you into the spirit and mood. Our homes do not come to us Eco-friendly, although they are starting to now with the emergence of ‘smart homes.’ It is important for us to recycle responsibly, reuse what containers we can for re-purposed tasks. An old coffee container can be used a mini compost for your box garden. Find ways to reduce what we have to throw away is the biggest favor we can do for our environment. Looking at the big picture—the home itself is a huge energy consumer. Nearly everything in your home uses energy, even when it’s not on and being used. Ways to reduce this extra energy usage can be as simple as unplugging your device chargers from the wall when not in use, and optimizing your refrigerator to ensure it isn’t overworking itself and using more energy than it needs.

One final environmentally friendly tip to leave your thoughts to ferment—think solar! That’s right! Equipping your home with solar panels may seem like a costly venture, but will literally save you tons in the long run. This may not be something to jump straight into, but if you’re a homeowner, it’s worth the look.

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